The Civilian Bomb Disposing Earl
Kerin Freeman

Once a Sapper, Always a Sapper
Steve Hambrook

UXB Malta: Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal 1940-44
S.A.M. Hudson

Danger UXB: The Heroic Story of WWII Bomb Disposal Teams
James Owen

Disarming Hitler’s V Weapons: Bomb Disposal – The V1 & V2 Rockets
Chris Ranstead

The Lonely War
Lt Col E E Wakeling ERD

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The following books are now out of print, but most are available from your local public library.

Living with Danger – The Memoirs of a Bomb Disposal Officer
Capt H W Beckingham

Highly Explosive
John Frayn Turner

Unexploded Bomb – The Story of Bomb Disposal
Major A B Hartley MBE GM

Designed to Kill
Major A S Hogben QGM

Bombs and Boobytraps
Capt H J Hunt MBE

Danger UXB
M J Jappy

Wartime Doggerel
Major G R Ovens TD

Bomb Disposal and the British Casualties of WWII
Chris Ransted

A Photographic story of Wartime Bomb Disposal
Lt Col E E Wakeling ERD

The Danger of UXBs
Lt Col E E Wakeling ERD

A Short History of Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal – Including that of 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD), the Reserve Army and Territorial Army Units
Lt Col E E Wakeling ERD

Grimsby Special
Lt Col E E Wakeling ERD


The Royal Engineers
Derek Boyd

The History of Landmines
Mike Croll

Come if ye Dare: The Civil Defence George Crosses
Terry Hissey

The History of the Corps of Royal Engineers
Published by The Institution of Royal Engineers

Follow the Sapper
Gerald Napier

Ingenuity with valour


Read a short history of Royal Engineer Bomb Disposal.