55 officers and 567 other ranks were killed.

37 officers and 172 other ranks were injured.

45,441 unexploded bombs were dealt with plus 6983 Butterfly Bombs.

13 George Crosses, 115 George Medals (including four awarded to non Bomb Disposal personnel) and 14 MBEs were awarded for outstanding bravery.

350,000 mines were laid in 1940 around our coastline in 115 minefields.

Minefield clearance started in 1943. By March 1946, 280,000 had been cleared. 70,000 mines remained.

Another 58,000 mines were cleared by 1948, leaving 12,000 in 11 minefields.

The final minefield was cleared in 1972

Between 27th October 1941 and 23rd March 1945 the Germans laid 72,566 mines in 115 minefields in the Channel Islands.


One BD section was sent there on 9th May 1945 to clear them and all the booby traps which they left.